David Chang's Loong Palace 340 Show Villa

David Chang Illustrates The Loong Palace 340 Show Villa

David Chang, the creator of the award winning project Award Winning Loong Palace 340 Show Villa says, Loong Palace 340 Show Villa attests to being an upmarket and expensive project targeting the social elites. The Villa’s ambition was to be elegant <Cropped>

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Branding Islamic Identity:islamic Identity by Lama Ajeenah

Lama Ajeenah Exhibits The Islamic Identity Branding Islamic Identity

Lama Ajeenah, the lead designer of the highlighted work Branding Islamic Identity:Islamic Identity by Lama Ajeenah points out, The main concept of the identity is that it is a hybrid of Islamic traditional ornamentation and contemporary design. As th <Cropped>

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Residential :cat House by Kao Shih Chieh

Kao Shih Chieh Discloses The Cat House Residential

Kao Shih Chieh, the architect of the award winning project Kao Shih Chieh's CAT HOUSE Residential illustrates, The design is mainly in the minimalist modern style, and aim to create high-quality lighting and comfortable living environment. The o <Cropped>

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Award Winning Visa Innovation Center Singapore Experience Showcase

Kong Studio Designs The Visa Innovation Center Singapore Experience Showcase

Kong Studio, the architect of the displayed project Experience Showcase:Visa Innovation Center Singapore by Kong Studio says, Visa Innovation Center Singapore is the gateway to the Asia Pacific region. An open and collaborative space where Visa and p <Cropped>

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Brand and Visual Identity by Elephant Design Pvt Ltd

Elephant Design Pvt Ltd Demonstrates The Voot Brand and Visual Identity

ELEPHANT DESIGN PVT LTD , the architect of the displayed work Brand and Visual identity:VOOT by ELEPHANT DESIGN PVT LTD explains, Since the identity was being designed for a digital platform, we envisaged an identity that would be more playful, dynam <Cropped>

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Motif Wine-Wine Packaging Design by En Garde Interdisciplinary Gmbh

En Garde Interdisciplinary Gmbh Illustrates The Motif Wine Wine Packaging Design

EN GARDE Interdisciplinary Gmbh, the project leader of the awarded project Motif Wine by EN GARDE Interdisciplinary Gmbh says, Our vision was to „think“ the world of wine anew. We wanted a graphic pattern to visualize the taste and character of s <Cropped>

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Design Excellence Awards 2020

The Design Excellence Awards 2020 Is An Interior Design Competition Organised by The Interior Design Confederation of Singapore That Offers Cash Prizes, Keynote Speaking Engagements and Publicity For Winners With Media Partners Like Home & Decor, Houz

The design excellence awards 2020 is an interior design competition organised by the interior design confederation of singapore that offers cash prizes, keynote speaking engagements and publicity for winners with media partners like home & decor, <Cropped>

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Award Winning a Series Knives

Cangshan Demonstrates The a Series Knives

Cangshan, the designer of the award winning work A Series - Knives by Cangshan demonstrates, The A Series utilizes dark and durable Walnut in the knife block to accentuate the fluid curves and dense African Blackwood handles of the knives. Form and f <Cropped>

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Architecture:nanxianglou Art Hotel in Shenzhen by Pleasanthouse Design

Pleasanthouse Design Discloses The Nanxianglou Art Hotel in Shenzhen Architecture

PleasantHouse Design, the maker of the displayed design Architecture by PleasantHouse Design explains, Nanxianglou Art Hotel in Shenzhen, China sponsored by China OCT was renovated by PleasantHouse Design. The project situates in the historic Gankeng <Cropped>

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Award Winning Leonardo 1482 Interactive Light

Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery Presents The Leonardo 1482 Interactive Light

Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery, the creator of the highlighted project Leonardo 1482 by Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery explains, The Leonardo 1482 is like nothing ever seen. It is an interactive light. The light is part machine and part light fixture. Th <Cropped>

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