Green Product Award

The International Green Product Award Nominates Manufacturers, Design Studios and Agencies Which Reprent Products and Services in Terms of Design, Innovation and Sustainability and Want to Publish Themselves On The German Market. The Awards Are Given In

The international green product award nominates manufacturers, design studios and agencies which reprent products and services in terms of design, innovation and sustainability and want to publish themselves on the german market. the awards are give <Cropped>

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Brewery Bar by Ryoichi Niwata

Ryoichi Niwata Presents The Midtown Restaurant Brewery Bar

Ryoichi Niwata, the creator of the highlighted work Brewery Bar:Midtown Restaurant by Ryoichi Niwata says, The ideas of a tapas restaurant and a brewery bar were combined together, and became one synergistic restaurant. Both restaurants support each <Cropped>

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Wall Tiles:shadow by Xu Gang and Chen Wei-Kang

Xu Gang and Chen Wei-Kang Designs The Shadow Wall Tiles

Xu Gang and Chen Wei-Kang, the architect of the awarded work Shadow by Xu Gang and Chen Wei-Kang illustrates, Shadow, the 3D concrete wall tile made from recycled ceramic wastes, results in a brilliant efficency of recycling wasted materials. Owing t <Cropped>

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Award Winning Strata Chair

Ben Preston Portrays The Strata Chair

Ben Preston, the architect of the displayed design Chair:Strata by Ben Preston explains, The designer sought to create a piece of furniture that acted as both a functional seat as well as a sculptural conversation piece. Strata was created using digi <Cropped>

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Smartisan T2 by Smartisan Id Team

Smartisan Id Team Presents The Smartisan T2 Mobile Phone

Smartisan ID Team, the maker of the award winning design Smartisan T2 - Mobile Phone by Smartisan ID Team explicates, The exterior of Smartisan T2 is composed purely of metal and glass in a singular form, while the body has only two essential constru <Cropped>

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Award Winning Xu.reborn Exhibition

Mingbin Yang Designs The Xu.reborn Exhibition

Mingbin Yang , the creative mind behind the awarded project Exhibition:Xu.Reborn by Mingbin Yang spells out, respect nature and pay attention to the delivery of spatial relations, atmosphere, aesthetics and mood fusion..

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Tetsuro Minorikawa's Masters of Poland Posters in Nagaoka Exhibition Poster

Tetsuro Minorikawa Discloses The Masters of Poland Posters in Nagaoka Exhibition Poster

Tetsuro Minorikawa, the designer of the displayed work Exhibition Poster by Tetsuro Minorikawa demonstrates, This work is a poster for the announcement of the exhibition. The subject of the exhibition is posters what use Polish's characteristic <Cropped>

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Fully Responsive Webdesign:smart Consulting by Joana Júdice

Joana Júdice Exhibits The Smart Consulting Fully Responsive Webdesign

Joana Júdice, the thinktank behind the awarded design Smart Consulting - Fully responsive webdesign by Joana Júdice illustrates, The main goal of this website was to create a SMART design to simplify and communicate the brand in a different level <Cropped>

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Green Product Award

The Green Product Award Is An Annual International Competition For Sustainable Products and Services From Established Firms and Startups. Students and Designers With New Concepts Are Also Welcome to Product Award 2019-Now With An Own Green Fa

The green product award is an annual international competition for sustainable products and services from established firms and startups. students and designers with new concepts are also welcome to join.Green product award 2019 - now with an own gre <Cropped>

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Residence:baroneza by Simone Mantovani

Simone Mantovani Portrays The Baroneza Residence

Simone Mantovani , the lead designer of the displayed work Award Winning Baroneza Residence explicates, The height, the transparency and the open spaces are the highlights of this weekend house, built on a private property near the city of São Paul <Cropped>

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